Flowers by Stem


Some flowers and/or colours may  not be availble and we recomend you allow 48 hours for delivery to ensure your selection can be acquirred from the grower/market and delivered to you

Bunch of Flowers

Our 'Flower Bunch' option is simple, choose your flower and quantity and we will designer wrap them and deliver them to your door.

Flowers by Stem


Something Unique - Why not Spoil Yourself

Emu Florist offers the ability to choose your flowers by the stem, this gives our customers the unique ability to mix and match their own colours and types. Once your selection is complete we will create a beautiful arrangement using your selection wrapping it in our designer series wraps and ribbons.


  • We recommend you choose 2 - 4 colours and/or styles
  • A minmum of 5 stems is required to be purchased, as this will ensure your designer arrangement is impactful and beautiful